They are sooo painting the town red in 2016 with
further congratulations to the Engineers who won the Revue Performance

1st place: Engineers
2nd place: Natives
3rd place: Anarchists
4th – 8th (alphabetical)

Go Shaza Morse !!


Best Mike Baird – John G, the Builders
Best Samba – Samba the Dog, Commerce
Best Green Witch – James Bennett, Heroes
Best Soloist – Katie Spencer, the Engineers
Best Baby – The Tribe

2016 games revue performance

The famous Greenwich Village Games Revue Performance is held on Saturday night 3rd December. Each team performs a 10 minute skit, responding to a theme word set by the Organising Committee. The Word for 2016 to be included in the performance is “SAMBA” in the spirit of the Rio Olympics. Samba away!

Typically these skits involve singing, dancing, acting by as many team members as possible (or practical), and a commitment to being OK with publicly embarrassing themselves. The skits are performed on the stage erected on Bob Campbell Oval with full audio and stage production. There is a separate prize for the Revue with a perpetual trophy.

All members of the public are welcome to come down and join in the fun! We invite the general public including friends, family and neighbours to come down to the oval from around 6pm Saturday night 3rd December to enjoy this awesome night of community fun. Bring a blanket and picnic chairs and make a night of it sharing in a great night of local entertainment and delicious food stalls. Performances are expected to finish around 10-10:30pm.

revue synopses & schedule

7:15pm – Welcome

7:20pm Tribe – Princess Samba of the Greenwich Tribe
A tale told through dance and song. The story of Samba the Greenwich Tribe’s Princess and her quest for the greatest prize of all…Love. Three generations of performers are represented, exhibiting live percussion, high energy choreography and eye-catching costumes designed and created by the tribe-members themselves.

7:40pm Anarchists – Carnival of Chaos
For the Benefit of Anarchy, a show tonight for you and me – a carnival of chaos!  Ladies and Gentlemen!  Boys and Girls! Tip your magic hats, samba in your best clown shoes, on ya’ bikes, and step right up for the most chaotic, and completely average show in Greenwich!

8:00pm Engineers – The Boy from OZborne Park
Bush Turkeys Tina and son Peter Allen, leave Ozborne Park to find Peter’s voice. They follow the RIver Road where Somewhere Over The Great Wall lies The Emerald City – Greenwich. Here they meet various birds including famous Bush Turkeys. But will Peter find his voice?

8:20pm Natives – Native to Greenwich
A satirical look at a day in the life of Greenwich celebrating the distinctive tribes of our suburb through dance, music, song and acrobatics.

8:40pm Builders – Creatures of the Night
As the thunder cracks and rolls in front of a summer storm famous creatures of the night find themselves in a spot of bother. Faced with amalgamation there is but one option remaining for the residents of Greenwich, but they must unite. Who is there that will come forth and declare Greenwich a free state?

9:00pm Commerce – The Greenwich Factor
When a bunch of Greenwich 40-somethings try to infiltrate a black-light talent contest the prestigious trophy is up for grabs to discover who has The G Factor. Mosman meets Greenwich; Middle-age meets millennials; but, don’t let the DOGS out!

9:20pm Heroes – Greenwich The Musical
In present day Sydney, a young family is looking for the perfect suburb to live in. The Good Green Witch of Greenwich comes to the family’s rescue and shows them around Greenwich! Greenwich Public School, the baths, the shops, a community of all ages! Who wouldn’t want to move here?!

9:40pm Governators – Greenwich Revival
Every four years Greenwich’s energy is replenished by the Greenwich Olympic Games, and then over the next few years its energy level decreases. This is the story of Greenwich through the four seasons leading up to a Greenwich Olympics as they search for a strong band of warriors who will bring glory to the village and revive Greenwich’s energy levels for another four years.

As Greenwich moves through the seasons it encounters, Autumn, Winter, Spring and finally Summer. Each season brings with it different aspects of Greenwich which are explored. Finally, in Summer the games are found and Greenwich finds a triumphant and strong band of warriors to revive its spirit and energy – The Governators!

9:50-10:20pm Judging & winner announced


games catering

Local caterers including Bern the Chef, Greenwich Village Café, Bar Coco, Greenwich Public School P&C together with Master Gozleme, Yan’s Asian, Paella and more will be down at the oval with tasty treats and mouth-watering meals like:

– breakfast (fruit & yoghurt, waffles, tarts), lunch (baguettes, salad bowls, pancakes), dinner meals such as pork belly, cardamon chicken and beef salad meals with pavlova and waffles for dessert from Bern the Chef,
– something sizzling from the Greenwich Public School barbecue, water & drinks
– delicious hot pies, sausage rolls, croissants, cakes, sweets and freshly squeezed juices from Greenwich Village Café, and
– coffee, hot & cold drinks, icecrea, gelato and snow cones available all day from Bar Coco
– sweet and savoury gozleme from Master Gozleme,
– pasta, asian food and more . . .

Vegetarian, GF and vegan options available.

Yummy yum yum! Our tummies will thank Anna-Lise Sewell who has organised the catering on behalf of the GVG Organising Committee this year. Any queries can be directed to her at

want to get involved in the revue?

If you’ve registered for the Games, you can be in the Revue!

Do you have a secret skill you can pull out to win your team the coveted Revue trophy? Just want to get up on stage with your friends and do your thang? As well as stellar actors and stage performers, each team is looking for volunteers to write, direct and choreograph each performance, plus assist with costumes, stage management, sound and lighting.

Get in touch with your team’s Revue Captain here:

Thanks to Richard Hawkins who is this year’s Revue Manager ( and also to Peter Walton as Revue Equipment Manager ( on behalf of the GVG Organising Committee.